Evaluating and auditing assessment tasks

Target audience: K-12 teachers

It is excellent practice to evaluate assessment tasks across a primary or high school from time to time. This can be conducted to provide effective learning benchmarks to inform future teaching practice and strategic professional learning across the school. Ann Leaf LearningScope can work with you in evaluating and auditing your assessment tasks, including all HSC tasks, a particular faculty or stage tasks.

Customised workshops are available for primary and secondary staff.

This evaluation process is a very effective method of gathering critical qualitative data about how student and teacher learning is progressing across a school, stage or faculty. It gives a realistic snapshot of what students are learning, how they are being assessed and teacher understanding of their practice, programming and assessment. It is also a way of auditing compliance with BOSTES mandatory requirements and guidelines.

Ann Leaf LearningScope has supported a variety of schools in evaluating and auditing assessment tasks in both primary and secondary schools. Ann’s particular expertise is evaluating and auditing HSC assessment tasks. Ann Leaf  LearningScope has developed these tools and has road tested them successfully across many school contexts.

Ann Leaf works with schools to develop practical frameworks and tools to audit compliance with BOSTES requirements, as well as evaluating strengths and areas  to be developed in a range of tasks. She will work with you to develop criteria against which to assess, evaluate and audit the tasks against this criteria, provide a report to senior executive and work collegially with head teachers or assistant principals to further develop the tasks.

This usually includes feedback against:

  • the task’s targeted syllabus outcomes,
  • the NSW Quality Teaching framework,
  • literacy,
  • numeracy and
  • the integration of technology etc.

If required the tasks’ evaluation and audit can include feedback about the internal faculty or stage assessment policy and how the task(s) align with this policy and BOSTES requirements. Ann Leaf can also  evaluate and audit as an external reviewer or  as a collaborative reviewer with a school team to develop the leadership capacity of your staff.

You can purchase the assessment evaluation and audit package, using the link above, to explore some of the processes Ann uses in an evaluation and audit. You can also use the package  to support you through conducting the evaluation and audit process yourself. If required, Ann can also provide teacher  professional learning to strategically address the areas for development which have been identified in the assessment evaluation and audit.

Ann also provides practical workshops to develop teachers’ understanding of the alignment between syllabus outcomes, teaching practice and assessment. These workshops have proved very popular with staff,  resulted in whole school change and improvement in assessment practices.