Developing rich assessment tasks

Target audience K-12 teachers

Ann Leaf LearningScope has developed a successful model through her extensive consulting and teaching experience in many primary and high schools. Staff will use hands-on strategies to see how the NSW Quality Teaching framework can be used as a tool in their own faculty or stage to improve their tasks. These can also be tailored to address the particular cohort’s data. Teachers’ feedback has consistently acknowledged the practical application of these workshops to their own context and their deepened understanding of the process required to create quality, subject specific assessment tasks. They can be further supported in backward mapping these quality tasks into programs to address their particular syllabus.

Do your staff ever wonder how to align syllabus outcomes, the NSW Quality Teaching framework, state-wide data and bring it all together to create quality, subject-specific assessment tasks?

Customised workshops suitable for both secondary and primary staff

Addressing syllabus outcomes and literacy through technology

Ann Leaf LearningScope can explore the technology demands of syllabuses and model how to teach subject specific literacy through technology.