Professional Learning Plan K-12 (package)


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All schools are required to develop professional learning plans to address state and school plans, targets and priorities. This can be a challenging task.

Here are two tools to support primary and high schools in developing a scaffolded professional learning plan which guides staff in thinking about state and school plans, priorities, targets and how to address them. It scaffolds key priority areas including literacy and numeracy and a process to complete the plan, preferably with a school professional learning team.

Included in the package are tips for school leaders with guiding questions to consider and explore priority areas when developing the plan. Embedded in the plan, is a practical tool so that schools can immediately track how the professional learning is progressing and can be shared with staff.

Ann Leaf’s whole school Professional Learning Plan template and Tips for Leaders have been used successfully in various schools.

Package includes:

  • Whole school Professional Learning Plan K-12 template (Microsoft Word – 13 pages)
  • Professional Learning Plan Tips for School Leaders (Microsoft Word – 3 pages)