NAPLAN workshops: Tools to improve literacy in your school

Target audience: K-12 teachers

Would you like support in analysing and evaluating your NAPLAN data? Would you like to move beyond analysis and evaluation to actually translate the data into developing practical literacy strategies for your classrooms, programs and assessment?

Ann Leaf LearningScope offers a range of professional learning support which is practical and applicable to a variety of teacher audiences from classroom teachers to senior executives. She can customize her workshops for your unique context and needs. Below are some examples which can be tailored to your school.

NAPLAN workshop 1:  Writing strategies

Do your staff know how to:

  • Analyse and evaluate your writing data using the NSW DEC SMART Package?
  • Drill deeply into the NSW DEC SMART PACKAGE Item Analysis to identify particular areas of strength and areas to develop in each cohort’s writing?
  • Identify explicit NAPLAN writing targets from your data and link with your own school’s student writing samples?
  • Explicitly link your student writing data to the NAPLAN writing marking criteria so they can explore the differentiation between marks to improve their student writing?
  • Develop hands-on classroom writing strategies for their students which address their specific data?

Ann can also identify with staff the specific writing targets students had most difficulty with and train staff in how those particular targets were marked in the NAPLAN Writing test. This practical activity is not intended to teach to the test. It is a simply a process to demonstrate and differentiate the particular demands of each criterion. Teacher feedback has been that the NAPLAN marking training is a useful process which can be amended to teach writing to all students across stages and KLAs.

NAPLAN workshop 2:  Reading strategies

Do your staff know how to:

  • Analyse and evaluate your reading comprehension data?
  • Understand the processes of reading?
  • Identify the NAPLAN questions which were most challenging for their students?
  • Identify what the reading demands of those questions were?
  • Develop hands on strategies to explicitly teach the reading comprehension skills which their students need, to answer the questions they found the most challenging?
  • Improve their teaching of a range of higher order questions?
  • Teach their students metacognition skills to improve their reading comprehension?

Ann Leaf LearningScope can also provide workshops to support teachers in in integrating literacy targets into their teaching, programming and assessing. Please explore our NAPLAN and assessment resources in our online shop.