Introducing a new NESA endorsed lead course

Developing school leaders: From instructional leadership theory to practice

Target audience: Aspiring and current K-12 leaders Providing 14 NESA registered professional learning hours to maintain ‘Lead Standard’

Are you an aspiring or current leader? Do you have aspiring or current leaders at your school? Do you want to develop your understanding of leadership or theirs?

Then this course is for you or them.

In this course, we explore the scholarly literature on the key features of instructional leadership and how important it is to school improvement. Then participants learn the practical application of instructional leadership’s key features through a school improvement literacy or numeracy action research in their own school context. This process is supported by the presenter and the other participants in the course. Aspiring and current leaders will engage with hands-on activities to explore scholarly reading, evaluation of their own school data and using data to plan strategically with their own teachers. Aspiring and current leaders will explore what the relationship is between leadership and management, the difference between transformational and instructional leadership, and collegial, problem-solving strategies of real world problems to address the likely challenges of school improvement.

Time frame

The course consists of three separate workshops:

  • Day 1:  A 5-hour workshop comprising three sessions
  • Day 2:  A 5-hour workshop comprising three sessions; this workshop is held a few weeks after the initial workshop
  • Day 3:  A 2-hour workshop comprising one session; this workshop is held several weeks after the 2nd workshop (this session can be conducted after school if required)

The whole course can take place over a term, to a term and a half; the timeframe can be negotiated with principals. The course can be delivered in one school, a community of schools or within a network.


There are no prerequisites, but on enrollment, teachers will be sent a reading list of scholarly literature to be read before course commencement. Participants will need a principal’s confirmation of their support for the course and a supervisor of the participant is encouraged to attend as a support person (the latter is not mandatory, but preferred).


NSW EDUCATION STANDARDS AUTHORITYCompleting Developing school leaders: From instructional leadership theory to practice – Ann Leaf LearningScope workshops will contribute 14 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing Standards 2.5.4, 5.4.4, 6.3.4, 6.4.4.,  from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Lead Teacher accreditation in NSW. (Registered Provider no. P11948) Please see the workshop web page of this site for more details and a schedule of content for the course: