Education resources

Resources, tools and strategies have been added to our resources shop at the request of many school teachers who indicated that they would like to be able to download for their own use, the resources we use in the course of our workshops.

Education resources for teachers and K-12 students

Ann Leaf LearningScope’s resources have all been road-tested and successfully modeled and explored in many workshops as well as K-12 classrooms. All resources are aimed to support primary and secondary teachers as well as students. We have suggested syllabus stages for the classroom resources as a guide, but all resources can be adapted for a variety of K-12 students. The content in the strategies should be altered to address your particular syllabus, but the strategies themselves should suit virtually all students.

Education resources for classroom, executive and senior executive

There are also tools to support classroom, executive and senior executive in meeting the many challenges they face, such as in assessment and data analysis. These tools have also been road tested many times in a range of  schools and contexts. We will be adding more resources, strategies and tools in the future, so please feel free to revisit us from time to time to check on the new additions. Any feedback you may have after using our resources would be appreciated, as it would assist us in fine tuning them to achieve even greater results. We hope you find our resources useful and that your students will enjoy them!

Useful national and state education web sites