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Ann Leaf’s career summary

Ann currently works as a private educational strategist and adviser in both Department of Education and private secondary and primary schools across Sydney. Her particular expertise is developing leadership skills at the classroom, executive and team level. She supports and provides strategic advice to principals, deputies, executive and teachers to improve NAPLAN and HSC performance and the explicit teaching of literacy across all key learning areas, through instructional leadership.

As a partial fulfillment of her Master in Educational Management and Leadership degree in 2015, she conducted primary research in a Sydney multiple case study in state and independent secondary schools. This research examined the instructional leadership role and professional learning needs of deputy principals.

Prior to establishing ‘Ann Leaf LearningScope’, Ann worked in a variety of senior leadership roles such as a deputy principal in high schools in South Western and Northern Sydney (Regions), as a literacy and senior curriculum consultant across the NSW Department of Education (DoE).

She has worked and consulted at school, in three different DoE regional positions and at a state level for many years. She is high school trained, but has taught in and given extensive consultancy support to both primary and high schools in both high and low socioeconomic areas of Sydney.

Ann has always had a passion for language, how it works and for developing language skills in others.

Previous experience with New South Wales Department of Education (DoE)

  • Deputy Principal. As high school teaching deputy, South Western Sydney and Northern Sydney (Regions)
  • Senior Curriculum Adviser, Literacy K-12 (DoE State Office)
  • Literacy Years 7-12 Consultant in South Western Sydney and Northern Sydney (Regions)
  • Linkages Consultant. (Literacy and numeracy, years 5-8), Western Sydney (Region)
  • Head Teacher Languages
  • French and German classroom teacher



Journal articles

Leaf, A., & Odhiambo, G. (2017). The deputy principal instructional leadership role and professional learning: Perceptions of secondary principals, deputies and teachers. Journal of Educational Administration, 55(1), 33-48.


  • Leaf, A. (2016). Instructional leadership: How might it look in an effective secondary school.
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  • Leaf, A. (2016). Applying student performance data to classroom practice. NEXUS CIRCLE, October, p 7-8.

Ann Leaf | Director

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